The Blessings of 2018

The end of 2018 has finally come and now, we’re in the Endgame. Yeah, so Infinity War was this year (I’m still not over that) and this year we get the epic conclusion which cannot come soon enough. But I am not gonna go on about what media came out this year, for it is […]

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A Lesson in Rejection

Regardless of where it comes from rejection stings.  It sucks.  For me, after a rejection I have the tendency to shut down, sulk, and be miserable.  But I wanted to turn that around.  I was tired of being miserable, sulking, and shutting down so I learned a new strategy for rejection.  To try harder and […]

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Betrayal at House on the Hill

You find yourself standing in a long hallway. The air is dusty and dry, and a silence takes hold as the center of attention. The house seems abandoned and empty, but you only see several closed doors and a tall staircase in the hallway. As you turn around to leave, the front door is locked. […]

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Projects in the Storm

A follow-up to my last post I mentioned I am working on a few projects to spend my time when I’m not job hunting.  I’m mostly job hunting, so these only get worked on every now and then.  I’m also not one for taking these things to be my “side hustle” as I look at […]

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Resurgence and New Beginnings

Wow, it’s been a while.  How long you might ask?  Well, I’m 361 and still doing alright.  2017 was an interesting year and now I’m in a whole new place. I want to start writing again, updating this blog and contributing to a few new places.  This for me is an outlet for speaking and […]

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Never Meet Your Heroes (But do)

Never.  Don’t bother.  You shall not meet them!  *sigh*  This phrase is very common to hear, but oddly I’ve never heard outside of movies and TV shows.  I for one, am not a fan of silly phrases like this.  Another example, the phrase “Those who can’t do, teach”, which realistically, if you cannot do something […]

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